Best Local Carpet Cleaners
About us

We are a small family carpet & upholstery cleaning company working all over London and nearby Essex,Kent,Herts and Surrey.

Who are we?

We are husband and wife, Jordan and Karen and have decided to start our own carpet cleaning business in 2015, when I (Karen) was made redundant from my Administrative role in a big Cleaning Company. Jordan has been working for various carpet cleaning companies since 2007. He has gained a lot of experience within the field and has perfected his carpet cleaning technique. Jordan has attended various courses and training including TACCA (The Approved Carpet Cleaning Alliance) Training. Working together was the best decision we have ever made. Our qualities complement each other. I (Karen) have very good office and customer service skills, while Jordan is super friendly and easy going, very good with clients and amazing at his cleaning job due to his attention to detail.

Flexible and Affordable

We love working for ourselves. It makes everything worthwhile. We take pride in our work and we tend to go the extra mile to satisfy even the biggest perfectionists. Keeping our customers happy is our main goal. We can afford to be flexible with the time requested by our clients. As a family company we can tailor the prices to suit every pocket and not follow any strict rules on pricing. Our prices have no VAT to be added on top. You will be charges exactly the amount we have previously discussed and not a penny more.

Free Services

We offer seasonal discounts that are much cheaper than any other carpet cleaning company on the market! Our carpet cleaning offers include various FREE services, such as FREE re-clean if you are not happy with the result; FREE Deodoriser with every order, FREE Stain Protector for orders over £100 and even FREE carpet cleaning advice on how to clean your carpet at home. We even offer FREE rooms/hallways for bigger orders!

How we do it?

We do Steam Cleaning or the so called hot water extraction process using the most advanced equipment and solutions. Best Local Carpet Cleaners can not only treat your Carpets, but we can clean your Sofa, Rug, Curtains or Mattress. Our powerful carpet cleaning machines can destroy and get rid of your nasty stains or dirt.

Our professional approach and attention to detail often include the following procedures:
  • Carpet inspection
  • Vacuuming
  • Pre-spray
  • Piling
  • Stain Treatment
  • Deep Carpet cleaning or Hot Water Extraction
  • Carpet Rinse
  • Hand cleaning where necessary
  • Stain Protection and Deodorising if requested
Why should you choose a family business?

Choosing a small family business instead of a big ‘profit chasing’ corporation has its advantages. Here are some of the things that make us stand out and better than anyone else in the business:

  1. Common values – we, as a family, share the same ethos and beliefs on how things should be done. This gives us an extra sense of purpose and pride - and a competitive edge for our business.
  2. Commitment and Flexibility – working in a family company means that we are very likely to put in the extra hours and effort needed to make it a success. As a family we understand the need to take a more flexible approach to our working hours to suit our clients.
  3. Lower Prices – working with family members means less expenses which allows us to accept lower pay than anyone else!
  4. Communication - working as a family unit means better communication with each other and therefore better performance and service to our clients.
  5. Quality Services - working for ourselves allows us to put more effort into everything we do and offer quality cleaning services to our clients. It is important to us that the client is happy with our services and will call us again. We are not working to make a quick profit. We are working for our own reputation, so we try extra hard to please our clients.
  6. Close and Personal - we treat every client as an individual and we are trying to build a good relationship that lasts for years. Most of our clients are trough recommendation and have been cleaning with us for years.
  7. Regular client benefits - We consider our regulars as friends not clients, so they get a lot of discounts as well as flexibility with payment, time, day of the week etc.
  8. Availability - working in a family business means that we are available to take calls, e-mails or messages long after working hours, as well as weekends. Our clients are a priority, so we will make ourselves available even if we have planned a family day out on a Sunday.
  9. Family understands family needs - as a family with children and pets, we understand all your needs and we are happy to meet them. We understand school runs, baby mess on the floor, children’s crayons on the sofa, pet odour, allergy issues etc. We are here to help you with all those issues and will guide you through it. We even understand family emergency and would not charge a penny if you have decided to cancel our services for a reason.
  10. Friendly face - working with us will guarantee you hear the same friendly voice over the phone and see the same friendly face every time you choose to use our services.