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PROFESSIONAL RUG AND RUNNER CLEANING                                                          

Modern rugs are coloured and finished in many different ways using a variety of materials, dyes and processes in their assembly. Our cleaners are highly skilled in hot water extraction cleaning which is regarded as the most affective procedure for cleaning rugs. We are confident that we can restore the original colours of your rug using this method.

Our cleaners use tried and tested professional treatments that are safe for children and pets. These treatments will help to restore the rugs original appearance and leave the fibres clean, fresh and revitalised.

Rug Cleaning Process

 The first step is instection.In the initial phase, we examine your rug thoroughly and identify both the construction and composition of your rug. As mentioned above, each type of rug requires a different cleaning process to follow. We also test the color fastness of your rug to determine if the dye is natural or synthetic. Synthetic dyes can bleed, so extra care must be given during the washing process to ensure bleeding does not occur. We then mark all the stains that are present. Each stain is treated differently, and once the stains have been identified, we remove them with a suitable substance. For instance, wine stains can be removed with detergent, but coffee stains have to be removed with glycerin. Grease stains can be removed with a thorough vacuuming. We are experts at removing stains and you can rest assured that none of our stain removing solutions will damage the fibers in your rug. The next step is pre-washing. This phase addresses the dust and dirt in your rug. Based on the type and composition of your rug, we may immerse your rug in a cleaning solution for a period time. During this immersion, the chemicals in the solution act on the dirt particles and is detached from the rug fibers. Alternatively, we may use our advanced equipment to vibrate the rug, which releases the dirt from it. This is followed by the actual cleaning.   We may clean your oriental or area rug by washing or steam cleaning depending on its quality and the type of fiber used in the rug. If washed, we rinse your rug with soft jets of water until all residue is removed. Or, we many determine steam cleaning is the best method. If your rug is steam cleaned, we subject it to steam which loosens and frees up the dirt particles. These particles are then removed by vacuuming. 

Stain Removal

 We first identify the stains on your rugs and inspect the fibers. Accordingly, we choose a suitable area rug stain removal method. For instance, if your rug is made from wool we will use mild detergents and chemicals to remove the stains. If it is made from cotton or rayon, we use alkaline cleaning solutions and try not to wet the rug too much. Cotton rugs can shrink is they are exposed to excessive drying. Similarly, if your rug is made from silk, then also we use gentle stain removal techniques.                                                                                

I am sure everyone would want their rugs to be perfectly clean and fresh. No dust, no allergens, no nasty surprises for the little ones to pick up. Just pure and simple clean. This is what we want too. And this is what we have perfected: offering the best possible rug cleaning service in London and beyond. We are the best at what we do and we are local to you so it is a no surprise that we are called Best Local Carpet Cleaners!

Our professional and fully trained  rug specialists can transform your home or office rug into the spotless surface you deserve! The rugs get dirty easily by walking with our shoes on, dragging the pram inside or letting our pet in with their muddy paws. Another reason  to clean the rugs are our messy children or inconsiderate teenagers who can spill, drop, drib, splash or accidently wet the rug . You can never escape the usual wear and tear that comes with years of use. That’s when you need our services to not only clean but to restore the former shine and glory of your rugs! The stains on your rug can make it looks absolutely dreadful ,unpleasant and badly presented. Nothing to worry about. Our new powerful rug cleaning machines can completely destroy and get rid of your nasty stains or dirt. We use the most advanced steam cleaning machines to shampoo and remove the dirt in a hot water extraction process. We can easily eliminate the stains from your rug and give it a new lease of life, free of dirt and bacteria.

We use the best steam rug cleaning machinery in the business, as well as the best techniques and chemicals recommended by all rug manufacturers. At Best Local Carpet Cleaners we use gentle technique and individual approach to each type of rug. The material of the client’s rug is carefully examined before any cleaning takes place. We can successfully remove dirt and stains from all types of materials such as nylon,silk,polyester,acrylic and wool. We also provide a free of charge advice on how to maintain your rug clean for longer or how to protect it from getting stained.

Our rug cleaning technicians are well known for their friendliness and professionalism. It is nice to meet a friendly face and have a warmly chat over a cup of tea at the same time as having your house rug cleaned. It is a breath of fresh air compared to a quick and cold service. Our boys are so nice to talk to and so dedicated to their job, they practically love to clean rugs with the latest technologies and you would love the result. There isn’t a client that has not recommended our rug cleaning services or have not used our services again and again.

We offer the best prices for your rug cleaning in the London area, near by Essex,Kent and Herts. The reason why we can afford to keep our prices cheap is not the quality of work we offer. We are aiming to be the most affordable steam rug cleaning company in London and beyond, because we want to remain within the reach of everyone regardless of their financial situation or social status. Best Local Carpet Cleaners is for everyone’s pocket. We keep our prices low but we don’t fail to meet your high expectations. We keep our promises to give the best rug cleaning service we can. You will be amazed how clean your rug looks and how fresh the smell is. We will exceed your expectations and will take the steam cleaning business to another level. We are The Best Of The Best Rug Cleaners near you.

We clean rugs in London and surrounding areas in Essex and Kent. We offer rug cleaning services in Rainham,Elm park,Hornchurch,Upminster,Aveley,South Ockendon,Grays,Purfleet,Barking,Dagenham,Romford,Rush Green,Ilford,Basildon,Tilbury,Brentwood,Chigwell,Theydon Bois,Loughton,Epping,South end-on-sea,Woodford,Buckhurst hill,Waltham Abbey,Dartford,Kent,Belvedere,Welling,Bexleyheath,Bexley,Sidcup,Bromley,Orpington,Beckenham,Caterham and many more.


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