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Leather furniture has its own beauty and elegance and makes a gorgeous statement to any visitors entering your home or office. It is among the most stylish and cool of all furniture. However it must be kept in a good condition at all the time to preserve the perfection and brilliance of your leather decor as long as it is possible. For this reason it is very important to properly care for and clean your leather pieces whether it is occasional chair, a sofa or a large sectional.

Air-conditioning, heating, ultraviolet rays (sunlight), perspiration, body oils, cosmetics and general day-to-day use are factors that determine how often your leather furniture should be cleaned.
Our technicians have the knowledge, experience and correct solutions to professionally clean, moisturise and protect your leather lounge, leather sofa, leather couch, leather chaise, leather chairs and seats.
We use a mild shampoo, developed to gently remove soiling from both protected and factory finished leather furniture.
The addition of moisturisers, conditioners and lubricants improve the softness of the leather after cleaning.

A simply regular cleaning solution can cause your leather furniture to crack, peel or damage irrevocably, so always use only cleaning materials and services that are specially designed and cleaners trained for the job. Maximum damage to leather furniture is often caused mainly due to wrong cleaning techniques.

Our professional leather cleaning technicians use only the best materials, techniques and an individual approach vary with type of leather and the furnishing.

What we will do:

  • Cleaning dust from leather furniture;

  • Cleaning grease stains;

  • Cleaning liquid spills;

  • Polishing;

  • Protection against harmful damages;

  • Deodorize.

Most people don’t give a second thought to having their carpets regularly cleaned, but when comes to their leather lounges they don’t seem to share the same concern, despite the fact that a leather lounge can cost as much as the carpet – even more. Did you know that if you don’t regularly clean and condition your leather lounge it can rot? Basically the special topcoat sealers on your lounge’s surface will simply deteriorate and breakdown, allowing the leather to be exposed to harmful body sweats, acids and oils. It can also trap disease and germs, including dangerous mould and severely reduce the life expectancy of your leather lounge.  

How to clean your leather furniture

You use your leather sofa on daily basis and it’s not a cheap investment so it is very important to take a good care so you can prolong its life and keep it in a tip top condition. There are view tips on how to look after your leather furniture at home:

  1. 1)It is good to clean your sofa weekly with a soft and clean cloth or duster. Do not forget to turn your cushions regularly so you can avoid wrinkles to your leather furniture.
  3. 2)If you are doing your Spring cleaning or perhaps you have decided to deep clean your home, you need to vacuum the sofa thoroughly, including under the cushions and down the sides.  Make sure you clean all bits and pieces from under the cushions and hard to reach areas. You must remove everything that can potentially scratch and damage your sofa when wiping it. You can then wipe your sofa with cleaning or polishing products.
  5. 3)You can prepare your own cleaning solution by mixing water and white vinegar. The fabric is delicate so please test it on a small area before applying to avoid any negative reaction.
  7. 4)Wipe your sofa with a soft cloth dipped in the solution when you start from the top and work your way down to the bottom.
  9. 5)You must dry your sofa with a clean towel. Do not use any dryer as it will dehydrate the leather.
  11. 6)If you wish to nourish or condition your sofa to prolong its life, apply a mixture of one part white vinegar and two parts linseed oil with a soft clean cloth and rub on in circular motions and leave to soak in overnight. Then, polish the sofa with a clean cloth the following day to bring out the shine.

       7)Do not treat your leather sofa with saddle soap as it may dissolve the leather.

       8 )Try to avoid exposing your sofa to sunlight, or sources of heat, as it can discolour and dehydrate the leather resulting it to crack.

 How to deal with leather sofa stains?

It is a good idea to deal with stains immediately to avoid them soaking into the leather by gently placing some kitchen paper over the area and blotting.

Please DO NOT use:

Soda for greasy stains, hair spray or surgical spirit,baby wipes as they may damage the leather.

If you are unsure about any of the above and have a stubborn stain, it may be advisable to contact professional leather cleaner such as ourselves.


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